Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Other America

What an incredible lack of media attention to the tumultuous happenings just south of our border, in the OTHER America. Condi and company droned on and on about the "democratic revolutions" in the Ukrain and other former Soviet bloc countries primarily because these were installations of neo-liberal capitalist policies dressed up to look like "freedom". In contrast, the movements in Bolivia, Ecuador and other Latin countries, instigated by indigenous and worker groups associated with socialist economic policies, get nary a sentence on the Sunday talking-head propaganda shows.

Vaca Diaz, the giant agri-business oligarch slated to assume power, claimed "the radicalism of the left leads to totalitarian governments". Fortunately, the masses and the military rejected this boot-licker. They know that totalitarian is not necessarily a state-terroristic organization but can also be the much more subtle domination of capitalist economic structures which benefit the few at the expense of the many, a system imposed upon them since the first colonialists arrived and which the continent is now rejecting en masse. The State and it's media will try to keep the american public focused on other parts of the world. It knows nationalizing energy industries and re-distributing farm land to peasants is not something it wants it's own subjects to be aware of.