Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week Two: Liberals

The second week at my unusual occupation (exclusive flyfishing guide to the Very Priveleged) I had some clients from the "moderate" side of the political spectrum.To them moderate is'nt a "side", in fact these folks took a certain pride in the fact that they took no side, that they existed in the "middle" of every issue, they in fact had no ideology. Decidedly liberal on social issues, a bit conservative on the economic, they are members of the multiple home owning super rich, and defenders of the status quo. It turns out this is in fact a "side"despite the denial, obfuscation and self-deception. Take this representative quote for example: "We supported the civil rights movement but now that laws against discrimination are in place, Blacks need to step up to the plate.You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink."

This from a guy whose father built up a fortune in the oil business, setting him up for a lucrative career as a developer. Confusing laws and legislation with the actual production of wealth and hence, influence.Thinking "Rights" are the same thing as actual power, these folks can pretend to themselves that the elaborate facade of equality is somehow real fact, real as the many homes they own around the country. All the language of being "non-partisan" or non-ideological , of decrying all acrimony or conflict (heaven forbid it might be violent!) is an anti-politics which serves their cause well while sounding all "togetherness and understanding". It's pure bullshit.Our interests are never their interests. Donating to the Negro College Fund is all very well and good but when he tells me in the next breath that when he is "feeling down" he jumps on a flight to Houston so he can eat at his favorite rib joint , I know that the dialectic, the materialist dialectic, is still alive and well despite it's Forbiddenness.