Saturday, June 09, 2012

Democrats Rehearse

The people have spoken! In Wisconsin a big turnout brought us the New Rising Star for the neoliberal program and in Egypt a left-over from the old regime is in a runoff with the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. Everyone involved got a purple finger and the knowledge they exercised their Right. We should recall how the union leadership and Democratic party leadership stepped in when the occupation of the state capitol in Madison was reaching ever more radical consciousness. There was talk of a strike, of refusal, of rejection of the status quo. John Nichols of the Nation magazine was giddy, but counselled a pragmatic, electoral approach. All the progressives chimed in. Millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours spent. In a formal, bourgeois democracy, there appear to be clear winners and losers. Some rejoice and some weep. Then everyone gets back to work. With the sad jobs numbers and Eurozone turmoil and Puritanical appeal to all things Austere, we may end up with a bizarre Mormon as the head of the Free World. I only wish Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter Thompson had lived long enough to see it. Irony is dead and nothing is replacing it. Emptiness. Meanwhile, the trade unions in New York city are supporting the governor who is trying to dismantle the public sector unions. The Nato summit went as planned. As did the G8. On the brighter side we got students inspiring a nation up in Quebec and a new International taking shape over at and folks willing to fight coal export up and down the proposed line. But we are not voting for any of it.