Sunday, January 20, 2013

Safety First

Liberals are up in arms (ha!) over the prospect of gun-toting security personnel stationed in our public schools. But advocates of such measures are only being realistic, looking at an insanely violent society and responding in kind. This is the new rationalism and conservatives seem less sentimental when it comes to survival in a barbaric system. But why stop at armed guards at schools? After all, anywhere children go they are under threat by crazed gunmen intent on slaughter. This is America. Certainly we should have armed school bus drivers, cross walk monitors and play ground supervisors. There should be armed guards at stores and malls and eating establishments ( I'm thinking of Happy Meals here) as well as day-care facilities and churches. Ultimately of course, the solution is to arm the children themselves, a Youth Force trained and equipped to defend itself against the pathological adult world.