Monday, October 15, 2012

Ideological Construction

Or industrial cultural production, as Adorno characterized it, is now working three shifts. I take personal credit for much of this because it is obvious my attacks on Market Ideology are having great effect. Finally! Why else the Atlas Shrugged movies, the libertarians on every state and local ballot, the flood of propaganda in my mail box each day? Take this one from Americans For Prosperity, a 9X15 glossy attacking John Tester (our erstwhile gun/coal loving Democrat Junior Senator) while letting me know that "10,000 activists across the state of Montana are taking action every day on behalf of the free market movement..". Wow, a whole movement with active activists! They are about "freedom" and "economic freedom" and totally free freedom- but of course it is only about putting more money (your money) and power in the hands of the ruling class. As George Carlin succinctly put it: "You are not in the Club... and they don't give a FUCK about you!" But of course the rubes all think they could be John Galt or John Wayne or Sarah Palin and save the world from sloth and hippies. So how are these Hayekian wanna-be's "taking action"? Well,I imagine they get up in the dark and work some crap job at low pay (Montana ranks 48th) and then come home for Fox News and Survival re-runs on the plasma screen. While the Chamber of Commerce suits drink Chivas down at the Stockmans and laugh all the way to the bank. Again, Adorno: "All are free to dance and enjoy themselves..but freedom to choose an ideology, since ideology always reflects economic coercion, everywhere proves to be freedom to choose what is always the same." I sometimes envy the simple existence of someone who truly believes in Lowering taxes, Reducing regulations and Eliminating government waste, just like in the flyer. Like having a lobotomy, or being a Baptist, all things reduced to a few simple slogans. Sweet bliss. While it lasts....


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Ducky's here said...

And the mark is absolutely unaware of the grift.

The media are the key and there is simply no presence that can even be labled progressive.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Ducky's here said...

I'm trying to figure out why the suckers are all in for Mittens' tax policy.

He gets a 20% rate reduction and he gives up the home mortgage interest deduction on the mansion he paid cash for, the Earned Income Tax credit,child care credit and any tuition exemptions. Do the math, it seems lie a good deal ... for him.

And the marks are still listening.


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